Business Finance

A business funding specialist, giving you the freedom to grow fast.

Business funding can be complicated and confusing. Here at Freelance Financial, we can match you with some of the top business lenders who can meet your business requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

Working capital

Loans for working capital are designed to supplement your short-term funding needs and maximise your cash flow. This can be used to pay suppliers, staff salaries etc.

Asset Finance

This will allow you to purchase new assets for your business, it will cover vehicles and most types of machinery through leasing or hire purchase. This allows you to spread the cost and maintain a positive cash flow.

Bridging Finance

Using bridging finance will allow you to cover gaps in funding when you are looking to purchase larger assets. Typically done over a year and often with no monthly payment required.

Invoice Finance

Factoring and invoice discounting allow you to release capital that is tied up in unpaid invoices allowing you to maximise your cash flow.


Businesses in the early stages often require funding to enable them to grow. Start-up funding is designed specifically for this purpose to allow you to build your business.

Property Development Finance

Designed for property developers to enable them to purchase and renovate property with a view to sell the property or refinance into a mortgage.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance allows suppliers to get paid earlier and bridge any gaps that could arise in cash flow. A facility is provided that can be drawn down as and when required based on the amount of invoices due in.

Commercial Mortgages

This is a mortgage secured on commercial property such as offices or warehouses. It allows you to take funding for these assets over a long-time period due to the security provided.

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