You’d really like to know how much it would cost but don’t want to ask an Adviser just yet? (Not a Problem!)

Did you know that if you buy some financial products directly from a provider it’s no cheaper than via an Adviser firm but worse than that you are NOT covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), this means that you have no financial rights for compensation such as for a complaint if a claim doesn’t pay out as no advise was given by a Professional.

Therefore, getting advice is always best in the end.

In order to assist you with the doing your own quotes, we have created the link below so you can access a copy of our “Comparison Tool”  and you can quote for cover that You want and You can afford.

We will then contact you and talk through your quote and complete some paperwork (Phone or Virtually) and we can then “ADVISE” that the product you want is “Suitable” which means we can stand over your choice so you can then benefit from FOS protection.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will arrange to have your medical application submitted to your Insurance provider via a Tele-Medical call and get you and your family protected quite quickly, we can also arrange to put your policy into a Trust which enables any future claims to be made quickly without the need for Probate.

Please click on the button below to start your quote.

Happy quoting!