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My name is Ronan Muldoon and I am the Firm Principal of the Freelance Financial Network.

I’ve been in the Financial Services industry for nearly 20 years in a variety of roles with several different firms and networks.

Our head office may be based in Belfast but we are growing a Network of National advisers across the UK, aiming to provide you with a local service.

Currently our Advisers have more than 100 years of experience in talking with our clients about their mortgage and personal insurance needs and benefits as well as being in a position to offer advice on business insurance also.

We are happy to call with clients at a time and location that suits you best whether it’s in your home or office, In the evening after work or at the weekend if it suits you better.

We have access to some exclusive provider deals and can even offer a unique referral incentive scheme.

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Many thanks for visiting and I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Ronan Muldoon CertCii{MP}


Ronan Muldoon trading as Freelance Financial Network.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Residential Mortgages

We have access to a carefully selected panel of mortgage lenders who excel in turnaround times and offer us exclusive rates to accommodate borrowers in different situations. So, whether you are a First Time Buyer, Home Mover or wish to reduce your monthly costs by re-mortgaging were sure to have a deal for you!

Buy to Let deals available also!

At Freelance Financial, our friendly and experienced mortgage advisers understand that finding the right mortgage deal can be confusing. That’s why our advisers will take the time to explain in simple terms how different types of mortgages work and will show you the latest rates, explain all the options and handle the application to the lender on your behalf.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking for a better deal, moving to a new home or looking to start a portfolio in buy-to-let, we will hold your hand all the way. For further assistance, please feel free to email us by following the link below:


or call us on 02890 020550

Consumer Buy to Let

We are approved and authorised by the regulator (FCA) to advise on the above.

‘As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments’

‘Think carefully before securing other debts against your home’

Buildings & Contents

Residential Building and Contents

Whether you own your own home, rent privately or are a council tenant, one thing is certain: you will have invested a lot of money in your home and possessions. Home, building and contents insurance protects this investment by insuring your building or your possessions against theft or damage so that they can be replaced if the worst should happen.

Landlords Building & Contents

Anyone who rents out a property should take out insurance cover in case something goes wrong. It sounds pessimistic, but it’s just common – and financial – sense.

What if there was a flood at the property? Could you afford to repair the damage and find alternative accommodation for your tenant out of your ready resources?

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Personal Insurance

Life Cover

Life insurance is a must if you have people who depend on the income you bring home. The amount that is paid to the family in case you die will tide them over for a while so they can then plan on how to cope financially. Even if your partner were to think of going to work, it helps to have some time to organise things, to find a job, to look for ways to take care of the children and their needs and to think rationally and come to terms with the tragedy. Sudden death, especially of the breadwinner in the family, can be a terrible shock emotionally to the family. They do not need to be stressed at this time with financial problems too. Therefore, life insurance is a good thing to have when the family is dependent on you.

Critical Illness Cover

Anybody can be affected by illness. Nobody knows what is down the line but a critical illness policy can provide a financial cushion. If you were unlucky to be diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy you will receive a tax free, lump sum payment.

This lump sum will go somewhere in helping you through a difficult time. There are no restrictions on how you choose to spend your lump sum. You could, for example, use it to help pay your mortgage or rental payments, reduce your working hours, pay for living expenses or debts or perhaps adapt your home.

Family Income Benefit

The Family Income Benefit Cover is an insurance policy that provides cover on death if you were to die during the term of the policy. It gives you great protection financially because in the case of death, your family would not get a lump sum but would get fixed monthly payments which are free of tax. This is especially good for young couples and families who might not be able to pay out huge premiums but where the earning member still wants to feel secure that if they were to die, the family would get some money every month to get by. It also ensures that a family does not have to worry its head around how to invest a lump sum payment so they get a fixed amount to spend every month. The pay-out will be for the term of the cover so if you were to take one for 15 years and death occurs after 5 years, your family will get a fixed amount every month for 10 years. You need to work out the amount you think your family could manage on and then pay the premiums for that accordingly.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance is a policy that protects you against loss of income due to unemployment, illness or accident. It could provide you with a tax-free income and could continue to pay out until you are able to return to work or retire.

Whole of life

When you buy life insurance, you secure peace of mind. You know your family would be financially protected if you were to die unexpectedly and prematurely or, indeed, whenever your death occurred.

The right one for you will depend on your individual circumstances, such as how long you’d like the protection to last for, how much money you want the policy to pay out in the event of claim, and how much you can afford to pay in premiums.

Accident, Sickness and / or Unemployment

Enjoy peace of mind and continue to pay your essential outgoings each month irrespective of accident, sickness, unemployment or redundancy. ASU or Accident Sickness Unemployment insurance is basically an income protection cover that is designed to protect your monthly income if you were to fall sick, have an accident that forces you out of work or are made redundant.

Landlords Building & Contents

Anyone who rents out a property should take out insurance cover in case something goes wrong. It sounds pessimistic, but it’s just common – and financial – sense.

What if there was a flood at the property? Could you afford to repair the damage and find alternative accommodation for your tenant out of your ready resources?

Rent Guarantee

Having a rent guarantee policy in place can protect you from being out of pocket as a landlord.

Economic times have led to landlords looking to protect their rental property investment and their income more than ever before. Even the best tenants can find their circumstances changing, resulting in them being unable to meet their rental commitments.

Business Insurance

Relevant Life

Company directors paying 40% personal income tax could save up to 52% on their life insurance premiums (up to a 36% saving for those on a 20% tax rate) when compared to having personal life cover in place. This means that someone with a £50 a month personal life policy could save £7,800 over a 25 year term, by taking out relevant life cover instead.

Keyman Cover

Life and/or disability insurance on one (or more) key persons whose loss or unavailability may cause loss of profit, goodwill, or increase in expenses. These insurance policies help finance the search and training of a successor, or compensate for fall in profits. Also called key employee insurance.

Partnership Insurance

Most often, this insurance is purchased to aid the business in continuing to operate in case of the death or dismemberment of one partner. There are two plans most often used in partnership insurance. Under a cross purchase plan, each of the partners purchases life insurance on the other, with themselves listed as the beneficiary. If one partner dies, the surviving partner uses the payout of the life insurance to purchase the deceased partner’s interest in the company. This type of plan works best for a company with only two partners, while an entity plan works better for a team with multiple partners.

Commercial Insurance

Coverage for businesses for protection against potential losses through unforeseen circumstances like theft, liability, property damage, and for coverage in the event of an interruption of business or injured employees.

Liability Insurance

Policy that covers civil liabilities to third parties, arising from bodily injury, property damage, or other wrongs due to the action or inaction of the insured. It covers only civil liabilities and not criminal liabilities.

Office and Shop Insurance

Our policies are ideally suited to businesses that trade from premises requiring insurance cover for stock, contents, fixtures and public liability. A range of additional cover is typically available such as building insurance, employers liability, business interruption and commercial legal expenses.